My Policies

My Policies

My responsibilities are:

  • I will teach you and your child the language of music in the piano. I teach music so that my students will strive for excellence with a positive and enthusiastic attitude.
  • I will train parents to understand the necessary piano technique.
  • I will offer ideas for at home practice and authentic praising.


The child and parent’s responsibilities

  • Parents agree to arrive at each lesson punctually, well-prepared, and with their assignment books and music. They are encouraged to come earlier or later to observe another child’s lesson.
  • Parents are involved in lessons by observing and taking notes of my practice suggestions. At home they are supportive coaches. They also responsible for listening to the CD.
  • To make good progress, daily practice (up to 30 minutes) and daily listening are necessary.

In addition to their private lessons, each child attends a monthly group lesson and all students are encouraged to play at concerts.

My Cancellation Policy is that:

  • Any lesson that I have to cancel will be made up or a credit will be given.
  • No payment credit, refund or makeup lessons will be provided for students who miss lessons for any reason.


I suggest that you choose a lesson time in which you feel confident. Please understand that the tuition you pay reserves an exclusive weekly time in my schedule for you and your child. Unlike a doctor or a hairdresser, I cannot resell that time nor can I create extra teaching time in which to give lessons. I am happy to set up a “swap list”.

An extra lesson can be offered to make up for absences due to illness and these are naturally subject to an extra fee. These can also be available before a recital or concert.

If the child is mildly-ill, please email me and we will do a Skype or Facetime lesson. If you have a computer or lap close to your piano, you can create a free Skype account and add my name to your contacts (or add my phone to your Facetime). This will allow me to call you and have a lessons with you over the Internet if needed. My Skype user name is Mariyo12.

From time to time I use photos and short videos of my students on my website which I will also post on YouTube. These videos and posts are helpful to other teachers and are much appreciated. If you do not want your child’s image(s) to be used, please let me know. Generally students love to see their pictures and videos on my website and they find it motivating and exciting. The students are identified only by first name. I follow online safety rules in this matter.

A child will be enrolled after parent and student have observed other lessons and conferred with me. Enrollment applies for one year and will be renewed at the start of each following year.


Membership benefits for parents and others:

  • We guarantee teaching by certified Suzuki teacher
  • Free opening lesson for parents – introduction to the Suzuki Method and to the musical instrument
  • Possibility to attend concerts and workshops in the Czech Republic and abroad as well as other events with significant and renowned teachers and artists
  • Become a part of international Suzuki community – meeting with Suzuki parents, teachers and students
  • Support and involvement in the professional development of your teacher
  • Possibility to attend CSA General Meetings
  • Be informed about CSA and ESA activities quarterly through CSA newsletter and annually through ESA newsletter
  • The membership fee is 600 yearly for the whole family. Payment form is on the association webpage.


Tuition is based on enrollment, not attendance. I guarantee to provide 29 lessons per year and the following options are available:

  1. 10 equal monthly instalments payable on the 1st day of each month
  2. 3 payments per year, payable on 1st September, 1st January, and 1st April
  3. One annual payment on the month you enroll.


The tuition fees are:


Lesson time

Ten monthly payments


Three payments/year


Annual payment


30 minutes 1 234 4 038 11 650

Registration fee and installments can be paid at my studio or sent to my bank account 2108657484/2700. Monthly or quarterly payments should be placed on the first 10 days of the month.

The 2018/2019 Calendar includes 29 weeks of scheduled lessons. This number is the minimum of lessons needed to make progress. This includes one “Flex Week” which I may use at any time during the year. It also includes the group lessons. I will guarantee I will be prepared to give each student 29 private lessons during the year, and I will make up any lessons that I need to cancel. Lessons cancelled by you will not be made up. 

By submitting the enrollment form, a student/parent is contracting with Maria Bengoechea for a full year of lessons and a full years fee payments. The yearly calendar includes 29 weekly private lessons and 10 group classes. The Studio Calendar is posted on the studio website.

The studio calendar does not include July and August. I can provide the possibility of extra lessons between July and mid-August to “keep in shape”.

I reserve the right to terminate lessons if it is clear that the parents are not fully committed and are wasting my time and theirs.