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What is the minimum age that my child can learn the piano?

3 years old but it depends on the child. In the pre-twinkle group children, which is 3 to 5 years old, new starters benefit immensely.

Can my child learn to play 2 instruments at the same time?

Yes, but it is advisable to start the second instrument after some mastery of the first one.

Can I pay by Pay-Pal?

Yes, also by bank transfer or Cash but not by credit card.

How long is your teaching year, how many lessons does it cover?

I guarantee 35 lessons. Extra lessons can be arranged for the summer or at other times by agreement.

If my child misses her lesson because we were on holidays, can I get my money back?

No. The contract between us is for the whole year and there are no refunds for missed lessons.

If my child decides after 5 months that she does not like the piano do I still need to make payments for the rest of the year?

The observation period is a good indicator of the child’s interest and the commitment is for the whole year.

What are the dangers of my daughter appearing on your website or YouTube?

None because no details of her identity whatsoever will be shown.

My son is very shy and I don’t think he will like to perform in concerts.

The method reinforces review, polishing and repetition of repertoire so the child learn to perform with ease, pride and joy.

If I know that I am going to miss a lesson, can I swap with someone else?

I am happy to set up a “Swap list”. When you agree to the “Swap list”, you can contact the parent and ask for the swap in advance.

How important is it to listen to the Suzuki CD before starting Lessons?

Listening to the CD is the key motivator for wanting to play, for learning thoroughly, for understanding the music and for making progress. Listening will result in learning and motivation to practice.

Will my daughter be able to play anything without reading music?

Yes in the same way as a toddler learns to speak without learning the alphabet.

What is a “Flex” week?

It is an extra week within the year to enable all contracted lessons to be accommodated. It is not used for lessons missed by the student.

Where can I buy a foot stool?

Through my carpenter contact. (420)……

Through the web: www……….

Can my child’s grandmother attend lessons instead of me?

As long as she commits to the daily practice for a year. She also needs to take the parent training lessons.

My child does not speak English. Can she understand the lesson?

I can communicate in Czech, Spanish, German, French and American English. I demonstrate rather than speaking.

If I cannot attend my child’s lesson because I have a hair appointment can she have her lesson on her own?

No, a lesson without your attendance will be detrimental to the practice at home.

Where can I find more information about the Suzuki method?

I train the parents and we participate in discussions. Once enrolled, parents receive handouts. I have books to lend from my library. You can also get information from my website and from the Suzuki Associations.

I have a busy life and can’t sit with my child while she practices, is this OK

No, the method’s success relies on the parent involvement. Your child can attend another typical piano lesson.

Is it OK if my son practices on an electronic keyboard?

A keyboard is no substitute for the real thing. It does not respond the same way musically and technically and will hamper the student’s progress.

If I move back to the US are there Suzuki teachers there?

Depends on which state. You can check online on the Suzuki Association of the Americas (SAA).

Are there any lessons during the summer?

Yes, 5 to 6 lessons are offered in summer. There is an option of having more at other times if it could be beneficial.

How long and how often should my son practice at home?

A minimum of 5 days a week. A 15 minutes morning practice does wonders. Afternoon practice should be added for reviewing pieces. Young children benefit by breaking their practice into several short sessions.

Can I or my son really learn anything from observing others taking their lessons?

When we observe we listen and watch in a relaxed, impartial mood. We catch important details and practical ideas. Children get motivated to take lessons.

Will I have to pay the registration fee every year?

No, it is a one-off payment before taking the very first lesson.

Do I save any money by paying for the whole year in advance?

Yes, you get a 6% discount.