Music Learning Cycle

To get skillful we need to fulfill the four steps of learning. Every step leads to the next one and creates a learning cycle.

  • Listening

    Child and parents listen to the pieces to be learned which creates motivation. The music selected is that which everybody loves to play. It fosters motivation for the piano student: “I want to learn this piece”

  • Observing

    Child and parents observe other children’s lessons. The demonstrations, reading strategies and student-teacher interaction, included in the program, foster independence and create the confidence. “I can do it!”

  • Practicing

    Child and parents are trained in hand techniques for ease of playing. Teacher empowers them with specific steps to practice at home together. “I did it!”

  • Pride with Results

    Child gets positive feedback and understands what has been learned. Specific teaching techniques and learning strategies in our method establish integration resulting in gratification. “I feel good about my accomplishment!”